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Shenzhen Beishisheng Logistics.Co.,Ltd is a specialized logistics company which was founded with the approval of the relevant competent government department, mainly including the International Logistics Department and the Department of Express, and each of them provide customized services to meet the need of different customers. From a small package to the goods of various forms and sizes, beishisheng Logistics is capable of serving customers by using aircraft, train, automobile and other transport tools with a professional transport management.



Since the establishment of beishisheng Express Department, we have already had several long-term and stable international customers, and have opened the following services:


International Mail Parcel: HongKong Post, Sigarpore Post, China Post

International Express: EMA, DHL, UPS, FedEx



With sufficient experience and professional qualities of international logistics and international trade, beishisheng International Logistics Department can provide you with international logistics services, such as import and export agent, international air and ocean freight forwarder and customs clearance. For the different needs of customers, we endeavor to provide customers with the overall plan and comprehensive logistics solutions, with the purpose of improving the efficiency of logistic management, reducing the operating cost, and winning a competitive advantage for the customer. At present, the International Logistics Department has owned a well-established international network which is able to be operated in 123 countries worldwidely.

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